SanSoleil's Flag Day Collection
The summer is filled with dates to "Fly the Flag." The 4th of July, The Olympics, The Ryder Cup are just a few. Make sales with SanSoleil's Flag Day Collection.
1. Check out SanSoleil Flag Day Collection with your local Salesperson or SanSoleil's Zoom Coordinator, Kathleen.
2.  To receive more details or ask questions call or text Kathleen: 760.822.4646, or email
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900463 SolCool Long Sleeve Mock
900722C SolCool Sleeveless Dress
900208P SunGlow 14 Inch Tennis Skirt
SanSoleil Teamplay Summer 2021-18
900208P SunGlow 14 Inch Tennis Skirt
900429P SunGlow Active Top. Flag Day
900838P SolCool Men's Polo. Flag Day
Oakmont_email (1)-9
900821P SolCool Men's Mock. Flag Day
American Flag
SanSoleil Teamplay Summer 2021-15
900828 SanSoleil SolSport COOL Men's Pol
900463 SanSoleil SolCool Zip Mock
Oakmont_email (1)-8
SanSoleil Teamplay Summer 2021-19
900471 SanSoleil SolCool Zip Sleevless M
900477 SolCool Short Sleeve Mock. Gabby.
Oakmont_email (1)-2
900443 SanSoleil SunGlow Piping Polo
PGA ad Nov 2020 PGA
Flag Day 2.11.2021
Oakmont_email (1)-7
SanSoleil Teamplay Summer 2021 Cover
Oakmont_email (1)-6
900434 SanSoleil SunGlow Zip Mock
900434 SanSoleil SunGlow Mock. Solid